Ace Combat 2 is a modern flight action shooter for the Playstation.

It was developed and released by Namco (Sony Europe distributed it in Europe) . Ace Combat 2 was first released in 1996, till today new Ace Combat games are following.

Ace Combat 2 was so far only re-released on the Playstation 2 as part of the “Namcollection” a collection of Playstation classics by Namco. This collection was only released in Japan

Ace Combat 2 Screenshot Gallery:

The Intro Movie and Menu Screens in Ace Combat 2

Gameplay Screenshots of Ace Combat 2

Ace Combat was definitive one of the best games of its kind during the 32 Bit era. I dont understand why it was not yet re-released for PSN because it is still fun and enjoyable.

small note, these screenshots were made with the EPSXE emulator,I used settings to raise the resolution which works great with Ace Combat 2.