3Xtreme is a alternative sports racing game released by the 989 Studios, formerly known as Sony Interactive USA. It was released in 1999 and only published in North America.

Like in 2Xtreme, the players could choose different vehicles to race, in 3Xtreme they were Bicycles, Skateboards and Inline Skates. It is possible to kick or punch the other riders which made the Xtreme series a bit similar to RoadRash.


3Xtreme Screenshot Gallery

 Intro and Title

The different menus and options in 3Xtreme

Main Menu


Character Select

 Equipment Select

The Gameplay


Like with nearly all Playstation games, the graphics and technical limitatations make the game quite outdated and overaged, 3Xtreme is a game which can still be fun though.

I remember that it got negative reviews overall in magazines while amateur review writers tend to give it more than 6 of 10 points as example. I myself remember that i had fun playing it when i made these screenshots, and that was in 2011.

I recommend playing 3Xtreme with an Emulator like EPSXE which lets you raise the resolution, otherwise the game is really pixelated