3D Lemmings, also called Lemmings 3D is a 3d Puzzle type game in which the player has to lead the Lemmings to the exit of the stage. Lemmings 3D was released for the PC, the Playstation and the Sega Saturn.

On the Playstation it was one of the first games which made use of the Mouse, a peripheral which was sadly released a long time after this game.

Lemmings 3D was developed by Clockwork Games and published by Psygnosis in 1995.




3D Lemmings Screenshot Gallery (PSone Version)

Intro, Main Menu and the Practise Screen


Gameplay Screenshots of Lemmings 3D


3D Lemmings was fun..i bought it as one of the first PS1 games back in 1996 ..R.I.P. Clockwork Games and Psygnosis.