Zapdos used Thunder by shinragod

Shinragod is a part of the Game-Art-HQ community and since 206 also one of the Admins in the GA-HQ Group on deviantART and decides together with 6 others which submissions are getting accepted or declined. He participated in multiple of our art collaborations in the last years, his take on Ivysaur is only one of six Pokémon he drew for this project.

You can see his whole gallery here.


Thunder is an incredibly powerful electric move from Generation I and is the strongest electric attack of all time with an attacking power of 110. A huge thunderbolt is dropped onto the target with a 10% chance of also paralysing them, although it cannot paralyse electric Pokemon. Zapdos learns Thunder at level 78.



Zapdos used Thunder Shock by Empyrisan

Empyrisan aka. V. A. Vazquez is a true expert when it comes to the Bird-Type Pokemon and drew some amazing takes of Moltres and Zapdos. Since the two Articuno spots were taken already, he just drew it anyway and you can see the trio at his gallery here!


“A jolt of electricity crashes down on the target to inflict damage. This may also leave the target with paralysis”

The Thunder Shock is one of the Electric-Type moves that were introduced in the first Pokemon games already. It deals damage with a rating of 40 and a 100% accuracy and has also a small (10%) chance of inflicting the Paralyzed status on the enemy. It can not paralyze other Electric Type Pokemon though.



“This legendary bird Pokémon is said to appear when the sky turns dark and lightning showers down”

Zapdos is one of the three lengendary birds of Kanto and the electric type. It’s name is a mix of ‘zap’ coming from thunder and lightning and ‘Dos’, the Spanish word for two which is a theme shared by the three legendary birds.

Zapdos was made big during the 2nd Pokemon movie where it was one of the quarrelling legendaries quelled by Lugia.



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