Weepinbell used Ingrain by KayVeeDee

KayVeeDee draws wonderful stuff since years already (Have a look at her gallery here) but her take on Weepinbell was her first and so far only venture into a GA-HQ Project. I look forward to see more video game related art from her as a part of our community!


“Lays roots that restore HP. The user can’t switch out”

Ingrain is a Grass-Type move that was debuting in the Pokémon Gen III games and deals no damage. The user plants roots into the ground which are restoring 16% of its HP at the end of every turn, the downside is that the Pokémon can not be switched with another one if Ingrain was used.

This changed a bit in the Pokémon V games when Ghost-type Pokémon could use Ingrain and still switch out whenever they wanted. Ingrain can also become stronger and restore 30% of the HP if the Pokémon holds a Big Root.


Weepinbell used Razor Leaf by StarFishs

Jennifer Hicks from the USA is the second artist now that joined GA-HQ and this project with a take on Weepinbell as the so far only contribution. Guess it must be something special with Weepinbell 🙂 Have a look at her whole gallery here!


“A sharp-edged leaf is launched to slash at the foe. It has a high critical-hit ratio “

The Razor Leaf is a pure attack move with a high critical hit rate, as a nice side effect it also destroys grass patches in the backgrounds of the battles. It is mostly used by the Grass-Type Pokémon with Bulbasaur being one of the first that could use it. The Razor Leaf is also used as a side special move by Ivysaur in Smash Bros. Brawl!




“When hungry, it swallows anything that moves. Its hapless prey is melted inside by strong acids”

Weepinbell is a dual-type Grass/Poison Pokemon and evolves from Bellsprout. They have actually razor-sharp leaves that they use to slice up their prey. Their big weakness is Fire.



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