Machoke used Low Kick by MuddyTiger

MuddyTiger joined Game-Art-HQ this year and debuted with her take on Arbok which looked a lot more realistic and intimidating than the original design. After that one she drew Machoke and eventually also Blastoise, Graveler is her last one in the Gen I Tribute but I am pretty sure she will be back for more in 2017 when we will continue with Generation II!


“A powerful low kick that makes the foe fall over. It inflicts greater damage on heavier foes”

The Low Kick is a Fighting-Style Move that deals damage with a power rating of 50 and has also a 30% chance of causing the Flinch status on the opponent.  Since the Gen III games its damage /power rating depends on the weight of the opponent and can rise to 120.



Machoke used Cross Chop by Jesteppi

Stephanie Hennen from the USA joined our Pokémon in May already with Machoke and also drew Marowak and Ekans for it in the following weeks, I look forward to see her returning for more in 2017 when we continue with the Gen II Pokémon!


“The user delivers a double chop with its forearms crossed. Critical hits land more easily”

The Cross Chop is another fighting-type move and was introduced in the Pokemon Generation III games. Beside dealing damage with a power stat of 100, it has also an increased chance of being a critical hit actually.  The first Pokemon in the Pokedex that could learn this move through leveling is the Mankey. 




“Although it is incredibly strong, it is always modest. It restrains its strength with a power-save belt”

Machop was already a strong little guy but when it evolves into Machoke it becomes tall and powerful enough to compete with human bodybuilders. It also knows or learns enough fighting-type moves to participate in various was not yet seen in the popular Pokken though…..


Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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