Poliwhirl used Belly Drum by ChicoConSuArte

ChicoConSuArte is a big Pokemon fan who joined this project in May already with his take on Poliwrath, followed by Poliwhirl and finally the so far only Rolling Kick illustration for the powerful Machamp. You can see a lot more Pokemon related art at his gallery here!


“A move that allows the user to consume half of its own HP in order to maximize its Attack.“

Belly Drum is a Normal-Type move introduced in Generation II. The user of this move maximizes its attack power at the cost of half its own HP. Due to a bug in Generation II, even if the user’s HP is at half already the Attack power can still be raised when generating this move.



Polywhirl used Rain Dance by cilios

Christos Pittas from Greece was one of the last artists that joined our Pokémon tribute before the last 30 spots were taken. Like many other artists before, he also started to become a part of our community with this project while he drew a lot Pokémon related fan art before.

His take on Fearow was his first submission, he continued with a truly unique take on Poliwhirl. Have a look at his gallery on dA here!

“Summons rain for five turns. While it is raining, the power of Water-type moves increases.“

Truly a miracle worker, Rain Dance is a non-damaging Water-Type move introduced in Generation II as TM Move TM18. It has been TM 18 ever since.

For Water-Type moves, the attack power and effectiveness will increase by 50%. For any Fire-Type moves, they will lose their power and effectiveness by 50%. Thunder-Type moves however can still be effective during the rain however. Also if it is already raining, the move is ineffective.



“Capable of living on land, but prefers to stay in water. If it is out of water, it sweats to keep its skin moist.“

Poliwhirl is the next stage of evolution for Poliwag at Level 25. It’s final stage of Evolution depends on what it is given. It will evolve into Poliwrath when exposed to a Water Stone, or evolve into a Politoed if traded holding a King’s Rock.

Amphibious by nature and life cycle, the Poliwhirl is an efficient swimmer but actually stays out of water; making it more like a toad than a frog. Among its most bizarre attributes is the swirl on its belly; which transparently shows its inner organs. Despite being a non-human Pokemon; it has evolved with white fingerless gloves on its hands for unknown reasons.

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