Wartortle used Skull Bash (For the Pokemon Tribute on Game-Art-HQ.com) by SkyeSparrow

Wartortle used Skull Bash by Mandarin “Skyesparrow” Swift

Mandarin Swift is a part of Game-Art-HQ now since around a year and contributed an excellent fan art of the almost forgotten Castlevania Legacy of Darkness for our Nintendo 64 Tribute earlier this year.

Wartortle was always her favourite of the Squigly evolutions and so it was no wonder she took him fast enough when our Pokémon was announced. She changed her account recently from MandarinSwift to Skysparrow, I recommend to have a look at her “Cyberpunk” Designs of  a couple of Legend of Zelda characters in her gallery there!


Wartortle Skull Bash

“In the first turn, the attacker tucks its head. The next turn, it head-butts at full steam”

While almost all Pokémon have purely damage dealing attacks, it’s the special ones that make the more difficult matches interesting and often enough a challenge.

Wartortle might not be the most experienced Pokémon but its Skull Bash adds a bit tactic to its movelist already. If used, Wartortle won’t do anything in the round the move was chosen and even lower the defense, but in the following round, Wartortle would execute this strong move that had a power rating of 100 until the Gen VI games. It was buffed up a bit and now has a rating of 130. 



Wartortle used Bubble (For the Pokemon Tribute on Game-Art-HQ.com) by Nekolloco

Wartortle used Bubble by Nekolloco

Nekolloco is one of the youngest artists that joined our Pokémon tribute but her submissions to it looked super cute and are among the most lovely of the over 300 artworks made for it I believe. 

She draws a lot other cute stuff as well which you can see in her dA gallery here


“A spray of countless bubbles is jetted at the opposing Pokémon. This may also lower their Speed stats.”

Like the Water Gun, Bubble is also a Water-Type attack move but it also has a 10% chance of lowering the speed of the opponent by one stage. Super handy against quick enemies of course! In the Gen VI Games (X&Y) the Bubble move got buffed up just like the Skull Bash. Its power is now 40 instead of 20.


Wartortle Pokemon Red and Green Official Art Render

“The tail is covered with a rich fur. It stores air in the fur before taking extended dives underwater”

Wartortle is the first evolution of Squirtle and evolves into Blastoise. It is a bit bigger than Squirtle and has two sharp teeth now. It can swim at high speeds and uses its furry ears and the big tail for balancing in the water. 



Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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