Queen rutela from Zelda Cyberpunk Redesign by Mandarin Swift

“Cyberpunk Rutela”  – A different take on Queen Rutela from LoZ: Twilight Princess by GA-HQ Contributor SkyeSparrow


Sooner or later we really need to do an Art Challenge or a whole Art Collaboration Project about Cyberpunk / Sci-fi Redesign Ideas for Video Game Characters, especially for those that come from games with Fantasy settings like The Legend of Zelda. 

SkyeSparrow is creating a whole collection of the Cyberpunk Zelda characters right now and it looks like she will continue that for a while. I just recommended her either Ganondorf for the future (Cyber Ganon-Hog could be badass too though) or a really weird Cyberpunk Cucco. I could imagine it looking a bit like a Borg from Starship Enterprise maybe? Or since the Cucco are more or less invincible, maybe somehow make it look a bit like the classic Terminator lol.

Anyway, back to Queen Rutela, Skysparrow described her inspirations:

Inspirations for the changes to Rutela came from a concept painting for Ghost in the Shell, the Opera Singer from the Fifth Element and the Supreme Being from Captain E.O. ^ ^;

Yup, I can see a bit of the 5th Element’s Opera Singer in there. Nice work!