Kratos becomes an Einherjar in this God of War 4 Fan Art by B03DI

Kratos in God of War 4, becoming an Einherja by b03di

If Sony is great at one thing it is their E3 Press Conferences. Others show one CGI Scene after another or have weird show elements there..Sony shows more games. Often with Live presentations like they did this year  with God of War 4 which started their conference and was simply blowing away the people. Me included.

A lot of us were speculating how the God of War series would continue, we thought about new main protagonists and what if Kratos would be in a different setting like the Norse or Egypt Mythology this time.

And indeed, Kratos left Greece, aged and has a son in God of War 4. It is unclear so far what the story is all about. There were small hidden hints in the gameplay video about a setting that might culminate in the final battle between good and evil, the Ragnarök itself but that’s just my theory.

Sinyo Budi, the artist behind the fan art above thinks that Kratos might become an Einherjar and could wreak havoc in Valhalla itself. The Valkyrie’s design there was influenced by Lenneth from the great Valkyrie Profile btw. And yes..we really need more Movies and Games set in the Norse Mythology. I recommend all you people to read a bit about it, the stories around the Trickster, Loki, Odin and Thor and all the evil creatures from Hel are entertaining.