Kindred LoL Elderwood Skin Concept by VegaColors

“Elderwood” Kindred from League of Legends Skin Idea and Concept Art by VegaColors


I finally played League of Legends a few weeks ago after I got my new old one was 8 years old and it was really the time to update (lol).

I think the game is pretty cool and sooner or later when I am done with Grim Dawn and Path of Exile I might get into it a bit deeper. 

Kindred, the Eternal Hunters is one of the most interesting LoL champions I think and VegaColors who is a big LoL fan since years likes them too it seems.

Kindred LoL Elderwood Skin Concept Art by VegaColors

She created the “Elderwood” Skin Concept for Kindred a good while ago already and now she revisited the idea and changed some details. I think it is a great concept, and hope that Riot Games might take notice!


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