Katt Sexy from Breath of Fire 2 by Genzoman

Katt from Breath of Fire II drawn by Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias aka Genzoman

Aww dat nostalgic flash when I saw this take on Katt which was a wonderfully sassy character in BoF II.

It also brought back that slightly upset feeling about Capcom though. I wish someone there could just press a button and they would become the Capcom of the nineties again, the company that invented so many great video game series and understood how to turn a single game into a series. Breath of Fire died a long time ago, in a few years we reach the anniversary of the last great game in the series already. Meh Capcom..meh.

But enough ranting, I hope you like this new take on Katt by the very skilled Genzoman as much as I did. It was a commission by the way and there on dA you can contact the artist for commissions as well. This was the first featured fan art here in August 2016.