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Violent Ken my Entry

I love the dynamic combos of almost all the version of Ken that is why prefer him rather than Ryu. I know

Ken Masters is Bad-ass character; but when came up with Violent Ken, they literally put an exclamation point on the term “BAD-ASS.”

I originally wanted to draw Ken Masters but I was a bit late in claiming characters, so I decided to choose Violent Ken.
The challenge for me was to try and render an evil version of Ken.

As a gamer, Ken was my favorite SF Hero and the idea of having an evil Ken was quite hard for me to accept.
I hope you like my rendition of Violent Ken.

My excuse and to help me better understand Violent Ken was to imagine that Ryu turned evil before Ken did.

“When your own best friend succumbs to EVIL, there is no other choice than to resort to VIOLENCE.”


  Violent Ken is another version of Ken Masters appearing so far only in SVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom.

Violent Ken is the result of Ken absorbing Orochi Power (known from the KOF series)

He was most likely inspired by the design of a brainwashed Ken who appeares in the Street Fighter animated Movie



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Violent Ken my Entry




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