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Poison Kiss her Entry

Being transgendered myself, I’ve always been intrigued by Poison with her gender ambiguity. Some people admit to finding her attractive, but refuse to believe she was born anything other than 100% physically female.

Others know the truth…that in Japan, she is officially a “newhalf”…and in America, she is a post-op transexual. There is proof of this in the original character sketches for Final Fight, Poison’s first appearance.

I personally think she just gets a kick out of confusing everyone. ^_^

This was drawn on paper with a mechanical pencil and colored in Photoshop.

I wanted Poison and Hugo to both be in the drawing, but I definitely wanted Poison to take center stage, what with her FINALLY becoming a playable character in the recently released Street Fighter x Tekken.

I drew her arms purposefully a little larger than most female arms would be on a body that size, as I thought that made her look ever so slightly androgynous.

I hope you like it! ^_^






Poison Kiss first hit the Streets in Final Fight as a regular enemy but also a playable character in Final Fight:Revenge

In Street Fighter III she works with Hugo a German wrestler, this happend again in SVC SNK Vs Capcom

Poison is actually a girl opposed to being a transexual. The reason why she is apparently a dude is from the fact that having a girl beat up in Final Fight would cause anger by females. So her story (and gender) was changed for the american version of Final Fight

Till today many fans are making jokes about this and discuss it.

Whatever Poison Kiss is, she seems to be an all-time fan favourite character design and many loved it that she is in Street Fighter X Tekken for the first time as a playable character in a worldwide released game





Poison Kiss his Entry



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