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Skullomania his Entry

Skullomania, the Kamen Rider of Street Fighter. Also a name I didn’t expect to see again if it weren’t for the SF Tribute.

Skullo’s a goofy as well as surprising character to fight with or against.

His Power Ranger-flashy moves can make him very distracting in battle since they’re often fun to watch, but they can also mean the player’s doom with the wrong timing.

For the tribute I had a go at his unblockable: Skullo Dream. The moment his hands flash right before he throws his punch at you.

With the correct timing you get thrown into a sequence of hard hitting punches and kicks with the ocassional comedic out of place scene blended in that makes Skullo such a loveable character to me.

The piece’s made entirely in photoshop, sketch and everything.

I had some troubles with my computer during this which delayed its completion, but I got it done. For inspiration on his costume and posture I glanced at some Power Ranger and Kamen Rider episodes, as well as old fighting videos of himself.





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Skullomania my Entry




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