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Sharon my Entry

I actually never played the SF EX series, but thought that Sharon was one of the cooler grounded character designs from that series.

Her move set is a weird mix of Dudley and Nina from Tekken.

It’s pretty bad ass when she fires at long range a rifle or pulls out her gun and just outright shoots the other fighter, sort of like Indiana Jones, or like when Cervantes whips out a gun in Soul Calibur.

I wanted to somehow integrate Sharon more in the canon of Street Fighter lore. In this image she is in Hong Kong enjoying some dim sum during one of her missions at a cafe where Yun and Yang’s friends Houmei and Shaomei are working as waitresses.

Perhaps she’ll have a run in with Yun, Yang, Lee, Chun Li, Gen or Feilong during her trip.

For this image, I sketched it out in Photoshop, made some guide work in Illustrator and then finished up the colors in PS.


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Sharon my Entry
I chose Sharon because I love redheads and also because she’s not among the popular characters of Street Fighter series. Players find her as one of the hardest characters to master.

Sharon appears exclusively in Street Fighter EX series. She lives a double life as a nun, as well as an A-class agent for a secret intelligence group.

She carries a handgun and assault rifle M16 A2. She performs her signature moves – Hell Fire and Assault Rifle – using her firearms.

I decided to redesign Sharon. I made her hair longer and tweaked her costume.

I colored her in monochromatic style using the color of her costume.

I sketched this using mechanical pencils then inked and colored it in Photoshop.




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