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Oni Akuma his Entry

Oni Akuma is a long evolving and yet classic villain type. He’s the perfect example of good vs evil, light and dark, etc.

Though not as beastly as I would have liked for his character to have morphed into, his ascension into the Oni form is pretty sweet for the most part.

He is however one of the most annoying characters to fight in the Street Fighter franchise…kinda hate this guy come to think of it >_>
I hope you dig this piece and thanks much for looking!

Funny working on this piece I had to struggle to not change his appearance from his design too much. He’s actually kinda a hard design to work with since he’s white and blue.

I ended up going with high contrasts with some warm elements to counter all those cools. I originally had a totally different piece but scrapped it. [link]
I just didn’t like where it was going. I do however think this turned out ok. Ink blot, to sketch, then good ol photohop work! Hope ya dig!


Oni Akuma Street Fighter Tribute SF Anniversary

by Hexterian

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Oni Akuma his Entry

Oni Akuma, a fearsome powerhouse to encounter when managed right, ready to take down anything in his way.

While Akuma himself was a fierce warrior, Oni takes it a step further, unleashing his power to the fullest and killing his opponents in the process.

I was pretty happy to see this guy’s slot free up in the Tribute and I immediately wanted a little tribute to the Tenchi Sokaigen, one of my favorite Ultras.

The whole build up is awesome to watch and the aftermath is chilling. Seeing it for the first time really stuck with me.

It was definitely a fun piece to draw and experiment with.





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