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Q his Entry

Q, one of the most mysterious characters in Street Fighter. I never really dove into Q’s history before I started this piece for the Tribute. Nobody is quite sure if he’s a man, or machine.

The theories of who Q really is was quite interesting. But it is all up to our own imaginations to make Q who we want him (or her) to be.

I hope all of you in the Fighting Game community enjoy my entry!

My entire entry was done in Photoshop while using a Wacom Tablet. I wanted to push the render towards realism so I can stray away from the cell shaded look I often see Q drawn in.

As far as process went, these are the steps I took:
Loose and rough line sketch

>> quick grayscale block-in

>> more detail to grayscale

>> add color flats through overlay layers

>> tighten render and add textures

>> change and adjust things as needed while noodling away

>> and eventually call it done.

I made sure to work on this every now and then and not just do it in one straight sitting. By doing this, it helped me catch some mistakes in the drawing and even helped me make changes that made the drawing more interesting.


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Q my Entry

-Q is one of the “weird” characters Capcom brought into SF3, SF3’s roster generally gets a bad rap for all the oddballs.

I like Q though because I think he’s a pretty unique design, A guy in a trench coat with a metal mask, how can you not like that?

He was really really weak in SF3 TS though, his moves were unrewarding and unsafe. I always stuck by him though, I used to be really good with Q but I gave up on TS a while ago, he’s actually my 2nd favorite SF character (Next to Dudley). Even if he’s never in another Street Fighter game, I’ll always have a spot in my heart for the odd guy.-

-Q looks very mysterious, that’s pretty much all I had in mind while sketching this.

I use outlines made of darker versions of the color.

I put in that dust effect because… it looks cool. It helped imply the wind.





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