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Elena my Entry

Firstly, I consider Elena to have some of the coolest moves on Street Fighter. Not only her fighting moves but her animation on the games is just awesome to look at.

She integrated Capoeira to the series making me fall in love immediately with her unique style.

I also liked the idea of choosing a character that was born in Kenya because, me being from the Caribbean, I have an inevitable affection to the African continent.

I hope you like my drawing, specially all those Elena lovers out there.

I wanted to draw Elena in a soothing environment so I tried to achieve that by using some nice color tones and placing Elena in a vast empty and peaceful field.

I did the whole drawing on Photoshop. After roughly finishing the drawing, I spent days retouching the drawing and rotating it on different angles.

The background was easier to do than it looks. I used some African Savannah pictures for reference and did the grass with some Photoshop tools that helped me achieve that effect.
I didn’t have a clear idea of what the drawing would look like before I started but, instead, the idea was taking form along while I was drawing it.



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Elena my Entry



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