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Charlie Nash my Entry

Charlie is one of the most under-appreciated characters in the Street Fighter franchise even though he is the driving force that keeps Guile going but it seems that he’ll continue to fade into the shadows (no pun intended).

For a guy who can throw a Sonic Boom with one arm and one foot. That’s pretty bad ass. His sense of duty is what his driving force and to bring down Shadoloo at all costs. He was also a deep character as he began to realize that Shadoloo had a grip on major powers, in which, realized that even the authorities to protect the innocent were corrupted.

Although still in darkness, he is the one who helped Abel escape into the now wide and open world that he exists in. We’ll miss you Charlie through your valiant effort.

When it comes to Sonic Boom, Nash is my first thought. The guy has charisma and a sense of duty unlike Guile who is too hardened.

Far be it that Charlie is the one that taught him everything to know. Without Nash, Guile wouldn’t be using moves like Sonic Boom or Flash Kick. Though I still prefer Somersault Justice. Seriously, dude throws Sonic Boom with his foot. Who does that, you ask? Charlie Nash does.

He’s really a cool character who can mix business with pleasure. He can throw in jokes or be serious or show witty remarks and sarcasm which made him a likeable character to me.

I drew him because it shows that no one really does care much about characters who were quite important to another character’s role and it seems that Charlie is under-appreciated. So, here’s my tribute to Charlie Nash.




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Charlie Nash
my Entry




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