This gallery shows the video game related fan art made by the professional artist Stanley Lau also known as Artgerm from Singapore chosen for GA-HQ.

You can find more of his works which are not video game related and contact infos on his deviantart profile

I also recommend visiting the website of his studio

Artgerm is a professional artist since over 15 years and worked among many others like DC Comics and Square-Enix for Capcom to create the Street Fighter III Online Illustrations which can be seen here

 To see an enlarged version of the artworks, simply click on them, to see more game art related to the character or game, click on the name under the image!


Street Fighter Series

Chun Li

July 2008

Cammy White

March 2008

Sakura Kasugano

April 2007

Cammy White

July 2004

SF III Online Edition BoxArt

June 2008

Chun Li

July 2004



Hsien Ko / Lei Lei

March 2008

Morrigan Aensland

April 2007

Morrigan Aensland (Wallpaper Version)

April 2007





August 2005

SoulCalibur III

January 2007

King of Fighters: Maximum Impact

Lien Neville

March 2007


Mai Shiranui (Alternate Costume)

March 2008




June 2004


January 2005

The Circle: Martial Arts Fighter: BoxArt

June 2009



SNK Tribute

February 2007







August 2006

DOTA 2: Drow Ranger

November 2011

DOTA 2: Crystal Maiden

December 2011

DOTA 2: Windrunner

December 2011

DOTA 2: Lina Inverse

December 2011


 Metal Gear Solid: Solid Snake

June 2004

November 2004

June 2005


Every artwork on this site was chosen by me personally, every artist was asked by me for their support of this website