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Cammy White from Street Fighter in the Delta Red Costume by Fernando CarvalhoCammy exhausted after a Battle by Fernando Carvalho

Cammy White –  Delta Red / SSF II &IV Style

In Super Street Fighter II, the first game Cammy White appeared in she wore this green thong leotard with a full back and a Delta Red triangle insignia on either the right or left breast and her legs are partially colored with green camouflage.

She is also known as “Delta Red Cammy” in this costume

Street Fighter Cammy White Delta Red fan art by orientalowl


Cammy White from Street Fighter IV by J41R0

Cammy White from Street Fighter IV in the Delta Red Costume


Cammy from Street Fighter II british game character sexy cammy white sf art

by 2DForever



Cammy White in her Street Fighter Alpha / VS Series Costume

Since her hidden appereance in Street Fighter Alpha 2`Cammy wore this costume known as the “Killer Bee” or “Shadaloo Doll” Cammy.

Cammy wore a blue thong leotard with an open back and a small yellow tie attached to the front, a small blue garrison cap, pointed brown combat boots, and red gauntlets similar to her classic incarnation. Her legs were lightly adorned with a blue lightning bolt design

This costume was used in all SF Alpha games and all “Vs” fighters like Street Fighter vs X-Men and Capcom vs SNK she was playable in.

Cammy White Street Fighter by artgerm stanley lau

by Artgerm

Cammy White art sf by artgerm stanley lau

by Artgerm


Cammy White Killer Bee art street fighter

re-colored by by ElecoMoroco


killer bee cammy street fighter art Cammy White fan art street fighter cammy white dat ass fan art

by ElecoMoroco



Cammy White sf vs xmen costume art

by Puzzletoad


Cammy from SF artwork by Busasami

by busasami



by rgm501

Cammy White Chibi Style Killer Bee Fan Art

Chibi Cammy by CarlosMorilla


Cammy White from Street Fighter as a pin up model by vandrell

by Vandrell

Cammy White Street Fighter Art

by kuroitora

 Redesigns and Variations of Cammy White

This section is for Cammy White fan art in which she doesnt wear the same clothes as in the games, variations like different colors are also in this part of the Cammy Fan Art Gallery

Cammy White fan art

by Samuraiblack

Cammy White sexy swimsuit bath suit

by Warner Emir Cortez


Cammy White became one of the most popular SF characters (probably because cammy is sexy and shows her butt in most win poses), it is no wonder that this is one of the biggest fan art collections on GA-HQ yet.


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Cammy White (codename “Killer Bee” from the Street Fighter Series appeared the first time in Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, and appeared in multiple crossover games like Capcom Vs SNK, Marvel Vs Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken


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