Bomberman 64 drawn for the Nintendo 64 Anniversary Tribute by Tuskat 

Bomberman 64 drawn by Tuskat

“Bomberman 64 wasn’t the first Bomberman I’ve played, but I sure think it was the best one. Never have I had so much fun bombing my friend out of a map. All the map layouts were unique, and the possibility to still annoy other players as a ghost prevented losers to be bored while the stronger player were ‘dueling’.

I wish Bomberman had kept this style of gameplay somewhere and refined it, it really was one of the must have couch multiplayer game at the time.” 




Bomberman was a successful series by HudsonSoft since the mid nineties already and got five great games on the Super Nintendo, a new Bomberman game for the Nintendo 64 was announced back on the E3 in 1996 already but it took time until September 1997 when it was released in Japan and only a few weeks later also in the USA and Europe.

Bomberman 64 focussed again on the crazy multiplayer action but also delivered a more fleshed out single player experience. Both modes made use of the 3D capabilities of the Nintendo 64 and used 3D elements and even a bit platforming in the stages and arenas. Bomberman 64 spawned two sequels on the system with Bomberman Hero (1998) and Bomberman 64: The Second Attack (2000)


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