Legend of Zelda: An Overview

Game Name(s)
Legend of Zelda    Genre: Action Adventure
Game Series: Legend of Zelda   Sub Genre 2D Top Down Action Adventure 
Developer: Nintendo    Features  
Publisher: Nintendo    Players(:)
First seen in: 1986    Age Ratings  
First Releasedate February 21, 1986       
Later ported to: Gamecube, Wii, WiiU    GA-HQ Art Tributes: Link’s Blacklist, Link’s Friendlist 
Re-Releases: Legend of Zelda BS       


Offical Artworks & Illustrations of the characters in the classic Legend of Zelda:


Selected and featured Legend of Zelda (NES) Fan Art:

Legend of Zelda NES Sword Old Man

Gaming Moments: Link gets his Sword

by Orioto

Legend of Zelda NES Fan Art

Link saves the World for the first time

by Brendan Corris



Additional Fan Art Galleries related to the Legend of Zelda :

Link’s Blacklist

Link’s Friendlist


All characters of the classic Legend of Zelda in the Game-Art-HQ Database: