Cammy SFV Fan Art

Cammy White in her new look from Street Fighter V drawn by Lara Couzens

“I’ve been watching some of the gameplay videos for the upcoming SFV and had to draw Cammy!
In the video there’s this tiny moment of calm as the V Trigger is activated…then she goes psycho on Chun Li with a bunch of moves…ouch!”


The Street Fighter Series is one of the oldest and still very successful game series not made by Nintendo and the fans never stop to tribute their favourite characters with awesome artworks. I thought its time to do a new little feature for 5 Street Fighter artworks that were drawn recently.


Tixielix draws Vega now since a good while and like myself she liked his new design in Street Fighter V a lot, I am really glad they changed him a bit!

“Vega’s updated look for SFV

(which some of us have dubbed ‘romance novel cover Vega’ lol) 

I am actually quite impressed with it along with his moves by the looks of it so far – he was already very fluid and graceful, but it’s even more emphasized now… the hint of a bit of the bull fighter and the flamenco dancer…gah… so sexeh  

Trying to push my limits further each time with each new drawing so I took my time and did as much as I could to make it as perfect as possible (for now)  Note: I did change a few minor things like losing the hair tie to make his hair flow more…”

Vega SFV Fan Art


Cammy Chun Li Prepare for Battle Street Fighter Capcom Fighting tribute UDON Art

Cammy & Chun Li Prepare for Battle

by xa-xa-xa

Akuma Gouki Portrait

Akuma Portrait

by Ben Scott

There are not a lot artworks that show the Streetfighters preparing for their battles, and this one which was made for the Capcom Fighting Tribute Art Book by UDON Entertainment is just lovely in every regard.

Akuma is a mainstay character now since Super Street Fighter II Turbo and while he was not yet revealed for Street Fighter V i am pretty sure he will show up in the game sooner or later, the guy is just badass and has many fans but personally I hope his story could come to and end sooner or later.

However, I hope to see many more artworks by Ben Scott who is a part of the Game-Art-HQ and FGE community since years now!



Q Street Fighter Fan Art 2015

Q by Pio Paulo Santana

Q is by far the most mysterious Street Fighter character and till today we know almost nothing about him since he appeared in Street Fighter III: Third Strike. Would love to see him as an important part of Street Fighter V.