The Royal Griffin is Dead Witcher III Fan Art

The Royal Griffin Hunt in The Witcher III drawn by Hanzo Steinbach


The Royal Griffin lost his battle against Geralt like so many other monstrous creatures, but it was a though battle for both at least.

This boss is one of the more difficult ones in Witcher III and its useful to attack it often with the crossbow and use the magic wall spell (Quen). Also always try to be behind the creature since it will try to bite you all the time if you are in a direct confrontation.

Hanzo Steinbach loved the game and wrote this description for his artwork:

“I am loving ever minute of The Witcher 3,so much so ,that i felt drawing a piece in not my usual style but instead painted.Had a blast throughout and hope you enjoy!
I wanted to show him having struggled fighting the Griffin with head still intact.”

Royal Griffin is Dead