Charlie Nash returns in SFV Street Fighter V Fan Art

Charlie Nash was the third character that was revealed for Street Fighter V and while he got some nice design changes (Thats rare in Street Fighter!) SadeceKAAN from the Turkey prefered to draw him in his old look..but damn..this is one badass fan art of Charlie.

Personally I agree with the artist who wrote:

“When we first see him in Street Fighter ALPHA: Warrior’s Dreams (1995), he affected us with his charisma and sad story and won a special place in our hearts, Charlie Nash is returning!

Even if I don’t like his new appearance in the latest trailer SF5 released in 24 February, but the new added moves and combo variety was pretty good. Also the music… I can’t wait to play it!”

I don’t like Charlie’s new design a lot too but his moveset looked great in the trailer  and maaaybe we see a bigger focus on the story in Street Fighter V that goes more into the details of each fighter than usual.

SF is a great fighting game still but Mortal Kombat X did so many things right that it will be difficult for Capcom to top that.