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Kefka Palazzo is the main antagonist in Final Fantasy VI

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~Villains Art Challenge Submission ~

Drawn byGA-HQ Member Mizueyes777

Kefka is the third Final Fantasy antagonist that was drawn for our 2nd Art Challenge and the perfect example how popular the series and especially its older entries still are. Not on of the villains that were drawn was from one of the FF games released in the last 14 years.

On one side this is awesome because its great that old game characters are still remembered well and got another nice spotlight through art and the dedication of the gamers behind the artworks.

But on another hand, it is also an indication that the never games of the series are not remembered as well and their characters, at least the antagonists were not as charismatic as Kefka, Sephiroth or Kuja.

The Kefka Palazzo illustration that shows his evil influence on Terra Branford which was controlled by Kefka is the 2nd Final Fantasy contribution now by Mizueyes777 who did an awesome job with both and delivered an illustration of the villain that also showed details of the story here!

Art Challenge Mastered, 10/10!