Dr Fetus from Super Meat Boy Game Villain Art Challenge

Dr. Fetus is the main antagonist in Super Meat Boy and was drawn by the Game-Art-HQ Contributor Romeo J Gonzales

~Villains Art Challenge Submission ~

Dr. Fetus is probably one of the absolute weirdest video game villains that were chosen for our 2nd art challenge with him being really just a fetus inside a jar.

Romeo J “Grapiqkad” Gonzales did him a full justice though with his Dr. Fetus fan art submission and I loved how he added all those blood effects just like they were in Super Meat Boy.

While the Binding of Isaac is a great game by the same indie developer as well, I hope we might see a Meat Boy 2 maybe in the next future. The whole idea of this game was fantastic and 100% pure platform action!

Dr Fetus from Super Meat Boy on Game-Art-HQ