Terry Bogard Are You Okay

Terry Bogard is the main protagonist in the Fatal Fury games by SNK..a damn cool fighting game series which spawned over a handful games but the series is more or less dead now since over 15 years sadly. Terry Bogard also joined the King of Fighters games back in 1994 already and returned in every game including even the spinoff¬† games like Maximum Impact or KOF Kyo but well…SNK is almost bankrupt it seems and it does not look like we will get a new King of Fighters game in the next future =/

Terry was a really cool video game character design, and is remembered by a few cool gamers and artists like Franklin “Darkeyez07” Vincent, a big fighting game fan like myself who keeps drawing the fighters from time to time. I like how he drew Terry Bogard in that look he had in the two Fatal Fury Anime.

This IS OKAY!! ūüėČ