Pit from Nintendo

While Pit from Kid Icarus is around as old as other iconic Nintendo characters like Link and Samus Aran, we saw almost nothing about it for around 15 years. Until Pit finally got the new Kid Icarus: Uprising game for 3DS and was also featured as one of the playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Pit will most likely never be as popular as Link or Samus but he was a great character design in a great game which was very different from Metroid and Zelda. Seeing him back is damn cool and I am glad Nintendo remembered him.

Pit got also many new fans of course and while Lixin “TixieLix Wang is not his biggest fan, she drew him to practice on drawing children’s faces and angel like elements like the feathers and wings. I thought the result is pretty awesome even if this was mainly done as a practice!

Pit Super Smash Bros 4 WiiU 3DS Official Game Art