Irenes the Mermaid from Chrono Cross

Irenes the Mermaid from Chrono Cross, drawn by Kurama-Chan

Lately there are a lot art tribute collaborations for video games ongoing there in Brazil.

I don’t know exactly who is organizing them but some of the artists I knew from our Game-Art-HQ Projects like Link’s Blacklist participated in them. Kurama-Chan, long-time GA-HQ Contributor created this pretty beautiful fan art of Irenes, one of the playable Mermaids in the almost forgotten Chrono Cross.

Irenes was not one of the most important characters in the game but she belongs to the rare species of playable Mermaids in video games and got a pretty nice story in the game.

Kurama-Chan takes commissions on deviantART btw, if you like the art and ever thought about getting something beautifully drawn for yourself you might contact her!

Irenes from Chrono Cross Official Game Art