Dino Crisis Reboot Idea by Lonefirewarrior

Dino Crisis Reboot Idea by Ariel Flores – click on the image for fullsize

Ariel Flores who creates awesome 3D Model based video game fan art since years and also participated in our big Mortal Kombat Tribute is a big fan of the Dino Crisis games by Capcom like myself. The first game was pretty survival horror like and played a bit similar to the classic Resident Evil games. The second Dino Crisis was more action orientated and one of the graphically best looking games on the Playstation. The third part is something we rather don’t talk about.

Capcom rebooted Devil May Cry, they also helped to create a pretty great remake of their classic Duck Tales game for NES and who knows..maybe we might see a new Dino Crisis somehow as well. Ariel created the pretty awesome illustration there which shows his idea about how a reboot of the Dino Crisis series could look and he also described his idea:

“In my imaginary Dino Crisis reboot, research into a stronger, longer lasting and all-around more efficient energy source resulted in a catastrophic time displacement event that devastated 200 km2 of land in southern New York.

Besides the military quarantining the region and people eventually finding out dinosaurs are dicking around in the area, the government finds out that the lead science guy is still alive at the research facility currently in the epicenter of the disaster area.

On top of that, the machine that caused the disaster is still active, made evident by the shockwaves emitted from the machine every few days that increase the size of the affected region. With no way to destroy the machine from the air, several teams of Navy SEALs (including our hero Regina) are sent into the zone to find the machine and destroy it before the whole world gets rekt by sudden geographic changes and dinosaurs.”


I thought that a damn good environment for a new DC and with the Jurassic World movie upcoming..maybe 2015 would be a good year to reboot Dino Crisis.

Let’s hope that Capcom thinks so as well.