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Bo Rai Cho MKD Ending Art 2

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Bo Rai Cho MK Deception Alternate Mortal Kombat Tribute


Bo Rai Cho’s alternate costume in Mortal Kombat Deception was a new one as well. While his overall presence and his fighting styles were pretty unorthodox (he pukes and farts during Kombat) his storyline and especially his ending in MK Deception were very serious and showed a different picture of him.


“On the other side of the palace bridge. I was met by Earthrealm’s thunder god, Raiden, and his band of heroes marching to battle the Deadly Alliance. I bid them a glorious victory, but my primary concern was Li Mei’s safety. I have since learned of the disaster that took place at the palace. The Dragon King had indeed returned, as legends foretold. Without our Earthrealm allies, I fear for Outworld’s future.”


Bo Rai Cho meets the spirit of his former student Liu Kang in his ending who guides him to victory against the Tarkatans.

“Onaga seemed invincible. The races of Outworld were in disagreement over how to deal with this threat, and Baraka’s hordes were sweeping the land. Bo Rai Cho had almost given up hope when he was visited by the spirit of his greatest student, Liu Kang. Their roles now reversed, Liu Kang gave Bo Rai Cho the inspiration necessary to continue the fight.

Bo Rai Cho’s soul was invigorated! He met with Outworld’s many leaders to forge a temporary truce. Kitana gave him command of what remained of her army, and he led them to battle against Baraka’s mutant foot soldiers. The new army of Outworld crushed the Tarkata vermin, and Baraka himself was bested by Bo Rai Cho’s attack. The victory inspired the people of Outworld to rise up against the Dragon King”


Bo Rai Cho in his unlockable alternate Mortal Kombat Deception Design was drawn by Sean Nicholes

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