Lucia Morgan from Final Fight 3 by CapcomLucia Morgan from Final Fight 3 – Drawn for the FGE Project by Gino Descalzi

Lucia Morgan is probably one of the most unpopular protagonists from Final Fight and maybe even Capcom in general and appeared only as one of the four playable characters in Final Fight 3 was released in 1995.

She was a real badass in the game though and even faster than the Bushin-ryu using Guy. In one of the very few official illustrations by Capcom, Lucina Morgan can be seen with Chun Li from Street Fighter, being a Police Detective as well, they probably worked and trained together sometimes!

The illustration of her was drawn by Gino Descalzi from Peru as his first contribution to a FGE / GA-HQ Art Collaboration and since she really is unpopular it was great that he chose her to show his style!

Awesome work @ Gino!