Shuma Gorath Marvel Capcom Fighting Games Art

Shuma Gorath from the Marvel fighting games drawn by Alexis Kurosawa!

Shuma Gorath is a super mighty super-villain from the big Marvel Comics Universe and is a giant foe there, but was redesigned to have a size like other characters in the old Marvel Comics based fighting games by Capcom.

And Shuma Gorath had a lot of crazy and really fun moves there, personally it looked to me like Capcom made him the Marvel counterpart of Dan Hibiki.

There is also no fan art of him though and so I gave him as a choice for Alexis Kurosawa when he asked for a challenge as part of the FGE Project. Alexis is one of the oldest Game-Art-HQ and FGE Contributors, he is basically on board since that Street Fighter EX art contest on FGE back in March 2011.

Kudos for still being an active member @Alexis!