Contra Force Stage 2 Boss Game-Art-HQ Villains Art Challenge

One of the almost completely unknown Bosses of a different era of video games.

..which was drawn by ValentrisRRock for our gahq logo- Art Challenge as 22th Submission!

The Game-Art-HQ Members could either get a choice of three different video game bosses or villains or come up with an own challenge, and that’s what ValentrisRRock totally did with his choice to draw a really unpopular character from a 1992 video game.

This guy above is the boss of the 2nd stage in Contra Force for the NES, a game which has some very loose relations to the Contra series which was a lot more popular at that time.

This boss was firing big bazooka missiles with his two handguns somehow and often looked directly to the player just like in the illustration above.

Challenge Mastered… 10/10!

Contra Force Stage 2 Boss Screenshot