Harmony of Heroes Final Smash Art

The really awesome Super Smash Bros / Nintendo Tribute in form of over hundred remixes and arrangements of tracks from the Super Smash Bros. games and also games the Smash. Bros characters are from (It even included a damn cool arrangement of King K. Rool’s Boss Theme from the first Donkey Kong Country!) just got an update called “Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash” which includes 26 more music tracks.

There was a big focus on the new characters from Super Smash Bros 4 3DS and Wii U this time: Mega Man, Punch Out!!, Pac-Man and many more of the new characters games are featured in the update.

You can download the music for free of course and you have the choice between MP3 versions or lossless versions in the M4A Format.

Visit the official homepage  to download the music and don’t hesitate to spread the news about this awesome christmas gift!


The credits to the artwork go to Cronoan, Jennifer E., Onikafei