Moon from Majora's Mask Game-Art-HQ Villain Challenge

The Evil Moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

by Yinetyang


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~GA-HQ Challenge #14~

The idea of an art challenge was totally appreciated and resulted in many nice submissions about Nintendo during October and November. The theme for the 2nd challenge which started on the 14th December 2014 is all about the villains, bosses and antagonists in video games.


Yinetyang contacted me actually short before the reveal of the 2nd theme and mentioned he would work on a great piece about the evil moon which would destroy Termina in the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask if Link would not be able to save the world in time.

As a long time member of GA-HQ he asked if his piece would be a good fit for Link’s Blacklist and the article about the evil moon there.

While our big LoZ Art Collaboration will continue to rock later in 2015, I thought his piece would instead be great as the first submission for our upcoming villains challenge.

Yinetyang liked the idea too and that’s basically why you see his work here!


Meanwhile over 40 more villains were claimed for the art challenge btw!