Lord of the Flesh from Turok 2 Game-Art-HQ Project

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~Project Submission #1~


The Lord of the Flesh from Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, one of the finest first person shooters on the Nintendo 64 and from 1998 in general!

This strong enemy was illustrated by Franco Ferrari from Canada as the hopefully first of many artworks by GA-HQ Community Members for the Game-Art-HQ Project, an initiative for artists to draw rarely drawn video games and their characters.

This project started this month and is all about Nintendo, the second theme will be announced on the 1st December.

Beside the Lord of the Flesh a good couple of other pretty unknown game characters were chosen by group members and it looks like this project will be a damn cool one which will highlight a ton of different video games!


You can read more about the Lord of the Flesh here