Katt (known in Japan as Lin Pu) is one of the playable protagonists in Breath of Fire II, a JRPG developed by Capcom and first released on the Super Nintendo in 1994.

Katt is from the Woren Race which would be represented in all later BOF games, she uses Staff’s with Claws attached to them as her weapons and is the fastest of the protagonists, her attack stats can also be raised to the highest among in the party but her weakness are her low defense stats.

During the game she can use a handful very powerful magical attacks as well, especially when she is fused with the Devil Shaman.

Katt did not appear in any other games than Breath of Fire II. The game was later ported to multiple newer platforms though and is totally recommended by me @ all JRPG fans who can stand 16bit Graphics.

Katt Lin Pu Breath of Fire II Official Game Art


Katt from the Breath of Fire Games: an Overview

Charactername: Katt/ Lin Pu in Japan
  Developed /Created by Capcom
Gameseries: Breath of Fire   First seen on: Super Nintendo 
First Game:  Breath of Fire II   Year first seen in: 1994 
Last Game:  “”   Birthplace:  
Role(s) and Characteristics: Protagonist   Weapons or Martial Arts Style: Staff Type Weapons 
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Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of Katt

Katt Lin Pu Breath of Fire II Official Game ArtKatt from BOF 2 Game ArtKatt BOF2 Fused Shaman Design

Breath of Fire II (1994)




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Selected Fan Art and Cosplay Photos of Katt

Katt Breath of Fire II Fan Art

Katt from Breath of Fire II

by Hanzo Steinbach

Katt from Breath of Fire 2 by Genzoman

Sexy Katt 

by Genzoman




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