Tekken X Street Fighter Paul Phoenix vs Guile

Tekken X Street Fighter – Paul Phoenix vs. Guile, drawn by Grapiqkad

Damn…we wait for real news about Tekken X Street Fighter now since years, and everytime he gets asked, Katsuhiro Harada from Namco just says yeah..stop asking..the game is still in development.

Fuuuuu..lets hope TXSF won’t be the Duke Nukem Forever of the fighting game genre …. 


I don’t really think it will come that far but who knows..the next big games by them will be Tekken 7 and also that Pokken Tournament for Arcades and most likely later the WiiU. We won’t see TxSF before 2017 I fear.


Anyway, Grapiqkad drew just another fantastic fighting game related fan art there, this time its Paul vs. Guile. Nice work as welways !