King Boo is the leader of the Boo’s which can be found in the Super Mario games since SMB3 already but debuted back in Luigi’s Mansion in 2001 as the main antagonist of the game.

King Boo from Luigis Mansion Dark Moon

He returned in the sequel Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon in 2013 and was again the main antagonist, but this time he is larger and faster than ever before!

In the end, Luigi was able to capture him once again in the Poltergust though after a hard final battle.


Our scary King Boo illustration was made by Hugo Henriques from Brazil and was the first submission by him for a Game-Art-HQ Collaboration Project. He is drawing Nintendo related art since a good couple of years now and created really impressive fan art by the age of 15 already.

Now he is almost 20, lives in the USA and works for the Official Nintendo Magazine of Brazil as well as for the biggest independent Brazillian Gaming Website Gameblast.

I have a feeling, his King Boo illustration won’t be the last thing we hear about this artist here!


King Boo from Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon for Mario's Blacklist



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