Wart SMB2 Official Art

Wart is the main antagonists in Super Mario Bros. 2 ..a big Frog like guy who can spit streams of bubbles or jets of water. He can also use magic and put curses on people.

This guy was a pretty though boss in SMB2 but never returned to the Mario series except in the Japan only BS Super Mario USA which was one of the Satellaview games and a sequel to SMB2 ..it was never ported to another platform or even released outside Japan sadly.

I think a new Mario Bros. game which returns to the world of Super Mario Bros. 2 including seeing back Wart would be great..I mean come on..give us someone else than Bowser all the time for a change ūüôā

Our currently last submission for Mario’s Blacklist was drawn by Nekro-Phil from the UK, he wrote:

“Super Mario Bros. 2 was a very memorable game for me back in the day.

Mostly because I enjoyed the music a great deal.¬† Oddly enough I had Mario Bros 1 and 3 on my NES but only played 2 on the SNES in the Super Mario All Stars game.¬† A fun little fight which involves Wart spewing bubbles at you whilst you threw veggies at him….crazy.”


Thanks a lot for visiting our Mario’s Blacklist Project, 50 enemies and bosses of the Mario games were covered now including many almost forgotten characters like Wart, Tatanga or Smithy and we will continue this art collaboration for sure!

Most likely in summer 2015 so expect to see MB again in September next year!

Wart from Super Mario Bros 2 for Mario's Blacklist



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