Waluigi from Mario Strikers Charged for Mario's Blacklist

This was the most unusual of all character claims by the artists when we organized Mario’s Blacklist, a project that would be about Mario’s enemies in all the games.

So Tuskat from Senegal asked if he can take Waluigi..from the Mario Strikers Charged.

I thought about it and thought..okay..he might not be an enemy like Bowser, Wario or a Goomba but sure..he is an opponent for Mario there in a lot of the Mario Spinoff games!

So it was done and we have Waluigi in the debut of the Blacklist ūüôā

Now make this guy a real boss in a future Super Mario game already! Would love to see a new Mario Land against both Wario and Waluigi.

Waluigi Mario Strikers Charged



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