Shy Guy Yoshi's Island DS for Mario's Blacklist

“I thought about what goes on in the daily lives of the denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom; they play tennis, go racing, golf, and on occasion fight.

Then, I thought about the Shy Guy. Why does he wear a mask? Is he just bashful, or maybe even disfigured and ashamed to show it? Why does he only get invited to *some* of Mario’s gatherings? Does he have anyone he can relate to? As a naturally bashful person, I felt I could be the one to relate to him. I wanted to depict him in a situation I know all too well; a room full of people, feeling apprehensive, wondering why it’s just so hard to go up to people and strike up a conversation.

“What should I say?”

“What if they don’t like me?”

So I wanted to depict the Shy Guy being just that; a shy guy.

I hope you enjoy.”

Garrett McGillustrator, July 26, 2014



The Shy Guys returned in Yoshi’s Island DS and behave just like before in the game, they are very easy enemies which can be defeated or just irgnored easily for the most time. Shy Guys Yoshis Island DS

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