Shy Guy Super Mario Bros 2 SMB2 for Mario's Blacklist

“I picked the Shy Guy from Super Mario Bros 2, and decided to use this piece to experiment with a totally different painting style!  Absolutely nothing about this piece is anything like the way I usually paint – fun to try something different for a change :)


The Shy Guy is such a useless, non-threatening enemy, I wanted to make him look more scary and imposing in this piece!”

Ed Moffatt, July 17. 2014


The Shy Guys really are among the most common and easiest enemies in all the Super Mario Games.

They debuted back in Super Mario Bros. 2 and like the Goomba’s they are the first enemies Mario and his friends are seeing there. They have only to jump on the Shy Guy who usually walks from right to left or is bound to a platform and pick him up. Throwing him away means a heart often even.


The Shy Guys returned for the first time in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island and became a common enemy in a lot different forms in many of the later games. They were not seen in any of the main series games like Mario 64, Galaxy etc though.

Shy Guy SMB2

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