Reznor Battle SMW

Reznor Super Mario World for Mario's Blacklist

The Reznor Bosses, back in Super Mario World, and drawn by BlazeTBW


The four Reznors were a relative difficult boss back in four different Fortress Stages in Super Mario World.

Not only does Mario have to jump from below on the rotating platforms the Reznor’s are standing on, he also has to care about the Lava below him since the bridge where the battle takes place is slowly falling apart.

Like that would not be enough already, the Renor’s are all spitting fire at Mario as well.

I remember having a lot of problems with these guys back in the past ūüôā

BlazeTBW remembered them as well and claimed the Reznor Bosses for our Mario’s Blacklist,

Reznor SMW Art

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