Rex from Super Mario World for Mario's Blacklist

“The Rex is a goofy little dragon that is one of the first enemies you meet in SMW, one of the first games I played as a little kid.
With this painting, I attempt to portray the little guy a little more anatomically correct.

I also gave him foot wraps instead of actual boots, as it fit the design better. And rather than stick Mario in the picture, I decided to paint the Rex hitching a ride on a Banzai Bill, possibly pretending to fly on a day where no plumber roams the wilds he calls home.”

Chari-Artist, July 28th 2014


The Rex is an enemy which debuted in Super Mario World’s first stage and is rarely seen again in the game and the Mario series in general. These little T-Rex similar guys are easy to defeat and are not attacking Mario beside running into his direction most of the time.

It needs to normal jumps though to defeat them as they just shrink after one jump and can run a bit faster than before. Its also possible to defeat them with a fireball or to let Yoshi swallow them.

They are among my favourite enemies in the Mario games, hope to see them back sooner or later in a new big Mario title.

Rex SMW Art



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