Red Earth Warzard Leo vs Hauser Game Art

The Red Earth / War-Zard Leo vs. Hauzer Fan Art by Jaggudada who won our Capcom Contest in March 2014!

Even I, a giant fan of fighting games never played Red Earth, known in Japan as War-Zard yet since it was never ported to a console or made it into an Arcade nearby..but the characters of it like Leo and Hauzer were damn great.

Its one of those games which really deserve a late port now to Steam etc I think.

During Jan-February 2014 I organized an art contest about Fighting Games by Capcom which are NOT Street Fighter or Darkstalkers since both are getting a ton of fan art anyway.

Jaggudada from India chose Leo and Hauzer from Red Earth for his submission and won.

Over 40 artists participated in the contest.

Hauzer vs Leo Red Earth